​A group of concerned Bulldog breeders, owners and exhibitors established a club in November 1962, and published a constitution and bylaws for the Capitol Bulldog Club.

The recorded directors of the club were:  Aaron J. Barnett, Washington, DC; Richard Neylon, Falls Church, VA; and Arthur R. Trammelle, Jr., Washington DC.

In 1964, the club was licensed as a Bulldog specialty club by the American Kennel Club (AKC) and as a member club of the Bulldog Club of America (BCA, Division VII).

The club’s first Specialty Show was held on October 10, 1964, in conjunction with the all-breed Catonsville Kennel Club, Inc. at the Howard County Fairgrounds in MD.

In 1968, the club was incorporated as a non-profit organization in the District of Columbia known as the Capitol Bulldog Club.

The Official name of the club was changed in June, 1999 to:  “The Capitol Bulldog Club, Inc.”

John Spencer joined the club in 1967 and was one of it’s most faithful members until his passing in 2007.  He held several offices along the way, and served as Ring Steward at many specialty shows.  He held the distinction of honorary Life Member in The Capitol Bulldog Club.

The club’s membership territory includes Metropolitan Washington, DC, including the counties comprising northern VA, south to Fredericksburg, VA , and the counties in MD surrounding the District of Columbia, east to the Eastern Shore of MD, including Southern MD.

The club holds annual dog show events, including independent AKC licensed conformation, sweepstakes, matches and events.  The club supports the Bulldog entry at all-breed shows in the area from time to time.

The club’s regular and special member meetings are held to conduct its official business, and to hold educational programs that contribute to the knowledge of the members in various aspects of the Bulldog breed, and in the showing of Bulldogs in competition to earn AKC championship titles.

The club holds fundraising events to support Bulldog Rescue and Charitable funds.  Social gatherings such as picnics and parties, are  held throughout the year to celebrate good fun and camaraderie with fellow bulldoggers!

We are in Division VII of the Bulldog Club of America, along with clubs from VA, MD, NC and SC.

The club’s Board of Governors consists of a president, vice president, treasurer, secretary and three members-at-large who administer and manage the club’s activities in accordance with its AKC- approved Constitution and Bylaws.  The club publishes a bi-monthly newsletter, named, “The Capitol Bulldogger”, which is distributed to active members.

History written by Bill Smith, TCBC member since 1977.

* In 2008, Marcia Thompson and Bill Smith were awarded Lifetime Memberships to TCBC, in appreciation for their contributions over the years!